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Many businesses all over the world develop the products of their services by outsourcing some of their tasks. In fact, the concept of outsourcing is not a new technique, but often it is not clear enough. Let’s see in details the definition of outsourcing as a concept itself.

Outsourcing is the practice of delegating company tasks, services or product manufacture to an individual or another company, in order to save costs and time.

The definitions put in light the reason why companies practice outsourcing. It is to reduce the time, cost and the work of the professional team.

Outsourcing is also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider.

Actually, businesses cover more areas of activity, and this leads to a lack of resources and the professional staff for every product development, or for any service they cover. That is why many businesses outsource companies, specialized in the related area.

Why long-term outsourcing

How long it takes for you to get outsourcing partners up to speed on your business process? If you own a business you know that time is the most valuable resource.

By outsourcing a person or company with expertise in a particular area, it saves the time you required for your core business and allows you to pay attention to the things which can not be done without you.

It’s more convenient to set up a long-term cooperation and to keep collaborating with the same service provider. It’s because outsourcing business-related operations is a complicated process.

There will be delays and misunderstandings that may be worth money and time. Short-term outsourcing partnership will demand to collect and analyze legal, HR, and commercial data that are valuable to your business.

Long-Term cooperation will help to fix these issues, because a partner that you collaborate for a long time, will know more deeply your specific business needs and preferences.

Long-term outsourcing partners have a vested interest in seeing your business grow and succeed. Short-term partners do not know the vision of your business. They don’t care about your future business goals.

We highly recommend you to set a long term outsourcing, instead of hiring a new partner each time you have a task.

During changes and development in politics, economics and the whole perception of the business, nowadays the Eastern Europe is the focus of many companies that search for outsourcing their web development tasks.

Eastern Europe looks like a golden middle, its become one of the top software outsourcing destinations. There are a lot of reasons why to outsource your Web Development tasks to Eastern Europe.

This region is becoming the residence for many motivated and talented developers. Also, here is located many professional companies of information technology (IT), Web Development, similar fields, and industries.

Let us explain in details what other reasons and benefits are noticed in outsourcing in this area.

Low cost but high quality

Reducing costs is the number one reason why companies outsource. In the software’s world, we often try to compare prices. But the cost is not the only priority.

Many modern companies don’t know if they should choose an expensive and high quality onshore or a cheap but poor quality option. In fact, Software Development Eastern Europe offers the optimal balance between price and quality.

Software development companies in countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and also Albania have almost the same costs of companies in India or China and three times lower compared to the US or the UK and the quality in most cases will be better.

Eastern Europe countries have a professional team, and you will be surprised by their results in software engineering also in Web Development Area.

Statistics show that such companies are increasing in number, but maintaining the balance low cost- very good quality of the service.

Some of the most important factors to keep in mind, however, remain the thousands of successful projects done by local website developers and web app developers demonstrating their masterful skills and hard-work.

If you are looking for a highly qualified professionals software development outsourcing company in Eastern Europe contact us, or looking for an individual freelance software engineers use platforms like Upwork.

Education is a key factor

Let’s start with a known fact that Eastern Europeans are passionate about IT, and gaining a degree in information technology is becoming more and more popular each year.

Eastern Europe Universities are leaders in the IT Fields, but Naturals Sciences and Engineering have the toughest courses in Eastern Europe Universities.

This means the students that are graduated in the Natural Sciences and Engineering are very good ones, with attitude and good results in Programming, Mathematics and Engineering courses.

With more than 35% of the population holding university degrees, Albania offers some of the most educated professionals. While these statistics may come as a surprise to you, it was no surprise for everyone who has ever worked with local experts.

The geographic benefits of the region generated a great base for the large talent pool of programmers, designers, and everything in-between.

The cultural affinity

Most companies make an important decision in outsourcing the project abroad. Taking into consideration all the factors, an important one is a cultural affinity. This is because West and Eastern countries often differ in culture and concepts.

Some companies are attracted by the low prices that companies abroad offer for the specific service, but still, the result does not impress so much. The reason might not be professional but the effect of the multicultural gap.

Eastern Europe combines both two worlds, Europe and the Eastern World. The developers that are located in this part, understand both cultures, by showing good expertise in the technological field.

They can speak fluently many foreign languages and posses the European value of ethics. Also, they know best the importance of having a professional attitude.

Moreover, cultural affinity avoids communication problems and misunderstanding. All these specifications are better to take into consideration when hiring a web development outsourcing company.

Eastern European programmers have good English skills, both in writing and speaking. Moreover, many of them are speaking fluently German, Italian or French languages.

Their flexibility to communicate in your native language will lead to a high level of understanding.

The favorite geography position

Another reason to outsource to Eastern Europe is the favorite location also advantageous time-zone.

It’s easier to travel to East Europe and to participate in team meetings, to check whether the collaboration is successful and to participate in the process. If there’s a bug in the code, it better for seller and vendor to be located in the same time-zones.

It’s cheap to go to the neighboring country and ensure that you can trust your service provider.

Such an opportunity to see the process brings better control over the implementation and ability to add changes as you want or need it.

Advanced Mobile Web Development

The trend of building and implementing Mobile Applications involved Eastern Europe, by provoking the local developers into creating some very popular applications on Smartphones.  

The developers located in Eastern Europe will impress you in building complex user interfaces and in complex functionalities of such applications, with low prices and very high quality.

Compared to the American and Western Europe, the developers located in Eastern Europe offer low-cost products in outsourcing your Mobile Web Development.

Some statistics and numbers related to the Web Development projects in Eastern Europe:

Ease of Doing Business 2018 rating shows that Eastern European countries demonstrated considerable growth in comparison with the previous years.

PHP is reported to be the most popular and widespread language throughout Eastern European countries.

Node.JS developer share has risen throughout Eastern European countries over the past few years

The distribution of Web and Mobile developers is similar across Eastern European countries.

To summarize:

A lot of countries all over the world offer outsourcing services, but without hesitation, we could say that Eastern Europe has become the leading outsourcing destination.

When the companies from Western Europe decide to use Eastern European app developers, they get such benefits: a low-cost product with a high-quality, comfortable time zone and easy to travel conditions, fluent English for successful cooperation.

Moreover, these countries can deliver innovative and unique solutions.

Keep in mind that outsourcing your business to Eastern Europe is the combination of cultural affinity, costs-effectiveness and improve business performance at the same time.

Outsourcing software development is an excellent solution for companies looking to expand their business into digital products and services.


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