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Hire Web Developer in Albania

Are you looking to hire a developer, for robust solutions of your business?
You can hire a web developer to work for you on hourly, daily, monthly, or even years basis.

Recently more and more international companies are hiring Albania web developers.
Choosing a Albanian web developer to hire is a wise choice.

We recommend Albanian web developers because of their excellent technical expertise, responsibility, flexibility, enthusiasm and great language skills. But not only that…


According to statistics, almost 37% of Albanian people aged 23-40 have university degrees. Interest in IT, Computer Science or related fields study is growing in Albania year by year.

In the last decade, the number of candidates has increased. This has a direct impact on the number of graduates. Every year Albania can be proud of tens of thousands of university and specialized programming schools graduates.

The number of graduates from higher education has enormously increased in Albania. The figure of 2014 is almost double that of 2009. 


Albanian developers ensure a high level of communication, as English is a standard language in Albanian schools, almost all Albania developers speak English very well.

Also, you can communicate with them in Spanish, Italian, German or French. Albanian developers not only speak English, and other languages but they also speak code, so your requirements will be fully understood.

Passionate Experts

According to statistics in 2013, the Albanian software development industry has over 7300 IT experts. Given the fact that the last 10 years Albanian young people choosing to study computer science have significantly increased this number.

Albania developers believe that  “If a person focuses a lot to do something he can do it and after a while he can be expert about it”, but they says: “To truly be an expert  you have to  work passionately.” 

Just because they are passionate about web development. They find it really easy to get involved in the projects or tasks they work on though.

Web Development Services

If want your website to be useful, it has to do what a brilliant salesman does in a brick and mortar shop. By hiring Albania web developers will guarantee specialty services and solutions.

They will optimize your online presence to help your business rank in the best position, and help your customers to easily find your business online.

They create the site’s layout and integrate graphics and applications they also are familiar with many software programs, web applications and web programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, etc.

They know all about the following: Coding, SEO, Marketing, Sales, CMS, Graphic Design, Advertising.

Responsible Web Development

If you want to build awesome responsive high-performance websites that drive results, Albanian web developers have the ability to complete projects, respect deadlines and come up with creative solutions.

Affordable Labor Costs

Albania with the relatively low rates (at least compare to the US or to Western Europe), it’s become a very attractive outsourcing destination. The cost of living in Albania is much lower than in other countries of Europe.

Due to the fact that Albanian authorities have decided to adopt tax exemption benefits for software development and IT-enabled services.

This incentive is helping Albanian web development companies to benefit from a 5% income tax, to attract investment from foreign investors and companies looking for outsourcing in Albania.

Familiar with Western Culture

Albania positioned in Europe, has a similar European culture. Especially the Albanian developers being in touch with their clients from the west every day have adopted a European spirit.

Also, many Albanian developers have studied in western universities and are adopted with the Western working style, culture and way of communication. If you are from western countries you will have no barriers while communicating with Albanian developers.

Since Europe and the United States share almost the same cultural values and traditions. It makes sense that if you are from the US you will also find an easy spirit of cooperation with Albanian developers. Isn’t this a great benefit to you?

Favorable Location & Time Zone

When you hire a web developer you trust your online business project in his hands, in addition to communicating with it time to time, you may need to go and see the project development yourself.

When it comes to a country like Albania, located in the heart of the Balkans in Eastern Europe, a slight difference between European countries in the time zone, allows communication during the working day.

Also is only 1-2 hours flight, with most European countries. Only 6-9 hours difference with the US, which means that while American entrepreneurs are asleep, Albanian web developers will finish their projects or tasks so they will find the project completed when they wake up.


To sums it up, Albanian web developers deliver what they promise and meet deadlines. If you want to build your product with real professionals having advanced engineering skills, Albania will be a perfect choice, they are highly skilled and talented.


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