TYPO3 vs WordPress

Are you following the new trends and technologies and always asking how is your website compared to millions of others?

Everyone is struggling with increasing revenue and developing its brand identity.

A key factor in the market is, of course, the website of your company, and its content management system.
Tracing the run of website market, WordPress has already been in the foreground, however TYPO3 is also taking respectful place currently.
In the competition TYPO3 vs WordPress, our team tries to offer an optimal solution for our clients by choosing the CMS according to their requirements.

Referring to Google Trends, below are listed the key characteristics of both the CMS:

First Version

TYPO3’s development was started from scratch by Kasper Skårhøj in 1997. In 2003, Matt Mullenweg announced the availability of the first version of WordPress.

Trend and actuality

Actually, TYPO3 is the CMS used by 130,998 websites. It is free to use. Meanwhile, WordPress is the CMS used by 27,449,706 websites. It is also free to use, and it is well known as a semantic personal publishing platform.


TYPO3 offers an easy implementation of content management. The user will just drag and drop the menu, content, and pages in the dashboard. WordPress shows the simplicity in its own name. It is user-friendly and each blogger loves it. You don’t need to master any technological tool to add content in your website.

Responsive Layout

TYPO3 builds a responsive layout upon TYPO3 templates, which are core independent. Extra functionality could be added by using the TYPO3 extension. This CMS offers unlimited possibilities for building a fully optional website. WordPress builds the functionality by using WordPress Extensions.

Meanwhile, the design of the website in WordPress is the style of a WordPress theme. But there does not exist a full independence between the extensions used by the developer and the WordPress Theme chosen by the designer. Certain features are dependent on and related to the theme.

The purpose of the website

TYPO3 is very suitable for large websites used for companies or businesses. Meanwhile, WordPress is the CMS used in the very beginning of any website, for different purposes. WordPress is very used in personal blogs, small websites, or business websites.


TYPO3 offers a set of built-in features for security. WordPress provides its optimal security when the system is updated on regular basis.

Layout structure

TYPO3 organizes the pages in a tree-structure, similar to the folders in a filesystem. WordPress lists all pages one under the other.

the best CMS

Which one is the best, TYPO3 or WordPress?

For many reasons, there is no direct competition between TYPO3 and WordPress. They differ in the types of the websites they suite, and both of them lead the respective fields.

You better choose WordPress if :

  • Your website is relatively simple, with some basic features.
  • You have a small or a medium budget, and you prefer to manage yourself the website.
  • Your website does not need to be in multiple languages.

You better choose WordPress if :

  • Your website is organized in a complex structure of pages and sub-pages.
  • Your website will be the promotion of your business in many languages.
  • There should be data integrated from other sources.
  • You have a medium to large budget to spend on your website for assistance with the design, build and maintenance.

W3DEVELOPMENT do have expertise web developers with business excellence, so we can guarantee you will be guided to right track to succeed in your business.