Web Design Trends

Web designers deal with the technical challenges that are large in number, and still continue to create user-friendly websites, stylish and flexible with every device and just beautiful all at once.  

A well design website can capture a user’s eye, inspire the audience to discover more about your brand or order your services.

2020 made more advancement in mobile browsing, who now counts more users than desktop browsing.

This is a reason why 2021 is going to have fully mobile functionalities in new ways.
Meanwhile, desktops will evolve in such way to stay relevant.

So, let’s take a look at some web design trends in 2021.


This trend will not change: As the number of Smartphone’s users is increasing the mobile browsing has surpassed the desktop browsing. According to statistics, 50% of the pages visits come from mobile.
More and more sites will deliver their content to the smaller screens first, leaving secondary choice the desktop version. In 2020 you must have a website that is responsive and mobile-friendly.


Using video it benefits users to consume more content, faster. Using video on your website it helps to create a great user experience and it keeps your visitors longer in your site. A billion hours of video is consumed on YouTube every single day. It a fact that, users stay on websites with videos longer than sites with large contents and pictures. As YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, using video on your site it a SEO benefit. Not to forget, video is shareable across all your distribution networks

Load Time

Not a new trend, when it comes to user experience, speed is a very important detail for your website. Time is the most valuable thing for a user, so if you website is slow loading, without no doubt the user will leave your page. According to Google, 53% of a mobile visitors exit the page if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

Drop shadows and depth

Drop shadows are an old graphical technique, but it’s the newly implemented as web design trend in 2020, and it highlights the importance of designing the web in a three-dimensional space to make the design more interesting. The concept of the depth in the graphic gives to the website the unique feeling and a memorable impression. It creates the sense of a real image, even if it is an abstract one. This effect is a web design trend in 2020 applied in web background, logo or any other graphical representation. The effect of depth in a flat page can be also a powerful tool to emphasize an element in the design. You can use this effect with text and photos, too.

3D Elements

Using 3D elements in web design is a stunning trend for 2020, it catch the user’s attention, design offer a realistic look, create a feeling of physical presence and make your website memorable.
In 2020 expect to see more immersive 3D web design, so the boundaries between digital space and reality, are going to break.

Big or Nothing

One of most notable web design trends 2020 is the bold typography. One reason is that the bigger fonts utilize better the white space, and draws attention. Big fonts are chosen to highlight the message of the brand. The role of the headers in a website is to order the information that will attract the visitor.

In web design trends 2020, headers are full of creative bold typefaces.

Asymmetry and broken grid layouts

The most experimental web design trend 2020 is the asymmetric design and broken grids. They are unique and distinctive. Most brands still use the traditional structures based on the grid layout, but the brands who want to be unique will try different layouts and will design out the box. Asymmetry can be both beautiful and harmonious. It gives a special impact to the visitors.

One example of this web design trend 2020 is the website where the asymmetric layout is not perfectly balanced on the left and right sides.

Integrated animations

Animation appeared on the web long time ago, it’s been used for decoration. A small animation makes shorter the waiting time while the page is loading. Also, a small animation encourages to scroll down or to focus an interesting part of the web page. Such animations are powerful tools which include the visitor as an actor in whole website story. Nowadays, these little interactions bring life to a website.
We use animation to improve website’s navigation and use.

Dynamic gradients

One of the biggest comebacks as web design trends 2020 are of course the gradients. This time, they return loudly and colorful. The most popular effect is the gradient filter over photos, making them mysterious and intriguing. In a case when not any image fit with the background, the color gradient is an interesting solution. Since the modern web is packed with dynamic effects, dynamic gradients complete this experimental web design trend.

This website has one main gradient fixed in the background and it follows you along while scrolling.


Web design trends in 2020 seems to be both colorful and funny, something between bright colors, integrated animations and dynamic gradients. We can’t wait to see what designers are going to come up with and how they’re going to push the limits.

Web design in 2020 seems it will be full of surprises… .


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