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10 TYPO3 extensions and features for templates

TYPO3 offers a simple way of customizing the layout and the design of your website. Instead of creating the style and the framework from scratch, you can use the TYPO3 templates, make the changes as you prefer and build the content upon it. The structure might change later, or might even use another template and the content will be integrated to the new design. [...]

Insight into Significant 10 Open Source E-Commerce platforms in 2019

Most of the e-commerce frameworks used presently are inexpensive or free. The open-source platforms are worthy as they are not only free but also managed and developed by experienced people across the globe. It is advisable to decide about the experience you require from your online store that may be a self-hosting or complete package at a small fee, etc. People use open-source platforms as they are packed with unique features and developer friendly. [...]

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design is the technique which allows the website to adapt to the device of the user. The programmer can write the code once and publish it everywhere, meaning less work for him. The number of visitors that come to the website from a smartphone, tablet or iPods is increasing every minute. Statistically, in 2018 there are about 2.6 billion people in the world using the smartphone. Actually, the small businesses are increasing their presence in the mobile applications, using their websites, the social media, and other applications which promote their business. This means more and more websites are going to be Responsive. [...]

Shopify vs Magento

Shopify and Magento are two of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the market. They differ a lot from each other. In this article, these differences are highlighted, so you can decide which is the right e-commerce platform for your online store. [...]

TYPO3 Shop Systems

Nowadays, TYPO3 is the solution for most websites, especially for businesses and large companies. But what does TYPO3 offer as a solution for the e-commerce? Which are main TYPO3 shop systems? In fact, there are several solutions how to create your online store within your TYPO3 website. There are three main types of e-commerce TYPO3 extensions.. [...]

TYPO3 vs Wordpress

Are you following the new trends and technologies and always asking how is your website compared to millions of others? Everyone is struggling with increasing revenue and developing its brand identity. A key factor in the market is, of course, the website of your company, and its content management system. Tracing the run of website market, WordPress has already been in the foreground, however, TYPO3 is also taking respectful place currently. In the competition TYPO3 vs WordPress, our team tries to offer an optimal solution for our clients by choosing the CMS according to their requirements. [...]

Web Design Patterns

Nowadays, more and more users browse the web using different devices, in different screens. They vary in size, from desktop screen to tablet and Smartphone screen. The web development becomes difficult, assuming all these different options in size. By following some web design patterns, the workflow is kept more manageable. [...]

7 reasons why your business needs a website

The number of people that are using the internet is increasing each day. If they need information, they will search it on the Internet. In this technologic era, you should see all of them as potential customers, as they will search on the web even for the things they buy or services they need. Having a website is so normal that customers suppose every business is present on the web on its own website. Being active in the social media is one side, but you also need a website where the followers can purchase your product or can search for more details of your services. [...]

9 web design trends in 2018

Web designers deal with the technical challenges, which are large in number. But they still continue to create user-friendly sites, stylish and flexible with every device and just beautiful all at once. 2017 made more advancement in mobile browsing, who now counts more users than desktop browsing. This is a reason why 2018 is going to have fully mobile functionalities in new ways. Meanwhile, desktops will evolve in such way to stay relevant. So, let’s take a look at some web design trends in 2018. [...]

Web Design vs Web Development

When someone asks me what I do for the living, I usually answer I am a web designer. This is what people mostly understand, in general.In fact, this term is used when I am introduced to someone who is not a computer scientist or programmer. The truth is that people use both web design and web development, as the same concept. But, when you apply for a job in the web industry, these terms are completely different. Let’s specify in details these two terms. [...]