10 Best Open Source E-Commerce platforms to use in 2020

by Elvis Tavasja on July 09, 2019

Most of the ecommerce frameworks used presently are inexpensive or free. The open-source platforms are worthy as they are not only free but also managed and developed by experienced people across the globe. It is advisable to decide about the experience you require from your online store that may be a self-hosting or complete package at a small fee, etc. People use open-source platforms as they are packed with unique features and developer friendly. Let’s discuss top 10 important open-source ecommerce platforms to watch out in 2029.

Magento 2

Magento is based upon the PHP-based framework that helps in building scalable solutions. This platform comes packed with multiple plugins and extensions that can be easily integrated with the third-party apps. As it is built for the developers, so they do not have to start from scratch. The user needs expertise in PHP Programming. The Magento had two versions Magento 1 and Magento 2. The Magento 2 version is the latest development as more than 200,000 online retailers use it. This version offers tools to cover advanced marketing, catalog management, and SEO needs.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that has user-friendly features and functionalities. It is free to download and renders enormous extendible features. If you want to start a perfect E-Commerce startup with a great website, then it is easily understandable and highly recommended. It provides plenty of options that support in building an amazing store with greater flexibility. It’s professional, simple, possess latest WooThemes, and has many customization options. It connects all the major gateways to your website. It also renders Stripe and PayPal as the default payment gateways.


It is open-source PHP library and an E-Commerce framework offering a set of featured components for online shop applications. The Aimeos is integrated into simple to use components that are available for a wide range of frameworks. Its existing integrations include:

  • TYPO3 Web shop extension
  • Symfony E-Commerce bundle
  • Laravel E-Commerce package
  • Flow Online shop package
  • SlimPHP E-Commerce package

The main features of this platform consist of easy integration, faster operations, multi-store capability, highly scalable, flexible, mobile optimized, and configurable.


OsCommerce is into the business for the last 15 years. It is seen as an old reliable option for many small businesses and startups to get seamless features.

This E-Commerce platform renders more than 7,000 free integrations with 13,000 stores running on this platform.

According to a study, it is 11th most popular amongst Top 1 million sites in the open-source category.
The online retailers use it for its ease to design a well-managed online shop.

This platform easily integrates with all the third-party apps, presents your online site in multiple languages.
You can find a vast number of community developers to ease out your development process, and OsCommerce is not all complex.


This is a newer open-source ecommerce platform used by the business houses nowadays. The ongoing development is done with this platform to enhance its functionalities.

This platform helps the store owners to promote an unlimited number of products online. You can even create sub-sections of these products to display them with ease.

This open-source solution renders multilingual support, manage unlimited categories, easy to navigate interface, etc. xtCommerce also helps in making Cart2Cart responses to the requirements of e-merchants.

If you are not aware of integrating this E-Commerce platform, then you can outsource the related services.

WP E-Commerce

This plugin boasts as the “original E-Commerce solution” for WordPress. The developers have downloaded the WP E-Commerce more than 3 million times. The coding for this WordPress plugin is quite simple. If you are good at HTML and CSS, then you can handle this plugin with utmost ease. The online retailers can take support from the reputed WordPress development agency or can turn to the large community of online developers for support. The examples of WP E-Commerce are Mayrun’s Goods, MollyMeg, and Cronut.


The PrestaShop may be a newer E-Commerce platform, but it is getting popular because of easy installation, accessibility, and provision of the amazing interface.

You do not have to be technically sound to install its plugin and start designing your store.

According to W3Tech, PrestaShop is used by nearly 1.4% of all the online shopping websites. It is quite beneficial for small businesses to start with it.

PrestaShop has a user-friendly interface with seamless inventory management system and store maintenance process. It also provides a multi-vendor support system with easy navigation across the site.


If you are not a skilled developer, then also with the usage of ZenCart, you can upscale your E-Commerce store. It has around 150,000 members in its support community. According to the latest study, ZenCart is used by 0.1% of all the online shopping websites. ZenCart includes the following features:

  • Provides great product management system
  • Creating specialized inventory
  • Keeping sales at your fingertips
  • It consists of customized templates
  • 100% focus on the customer needs



This platform has a global functionality and is known for its robust nature. Drupal can integrate with the third-party platforms without any hassle.

This open-source platform is built on CMS so it provides a strong content management system. Even Drupal Commerce is becoming a powerful contender amongst the online retailers.

According to W3Tech, Drupal is used by 3.5% of all the present websites. Its version 8 is used by 13.4% of the users.

The developers are working to release its version 9 by the year 2020. Another benefit of this platform is that it keeps tracks of the orders, invoices, receipts, and payments.


This is one of the popular PHP E-Commerce platforms. It has a great manageable interface with 20 gateways for payment, 8 shipping methods, and 100 of gateways for shipping process.

If your company does not have the most tech-savvy employees, then also you can opt for this method.

It is simple, runs quickly on your server, possesses numerous plugins, and has plentiful themes to customize your online store.


These 10 best open-source E-Commerce platforms are going to change your online website look with easy integration and their cost-effective features.

You can even hire some reputed agencies to work on your behalf too.